ABOUT US – Heirloom Quality Leather Bags


We often hardly find a bag design that suit our need, so we start making it for our own use then decided to sell it to the market. Not like common bag, our bag design give every item its place, one item one place make it neatly organized instead of getting messy throw all thing into one compartment.

The founder also got bad experience with the one of global branded product, disappointed with the material used was combined between genuine leather with synthetic leather without any information, that was peeling when it had been used about a year, we believe we can make better products.

Yogyakarta is one of three largest craft center in Indonesia and known as artisan land. Lately, a lot of leather craftsman and business owner complained because of the decreasing demand of leather crafts which they say is due to a flood of imported plastic leather products, it has caused many craftsman changing their profession. Aside from that, many craftsmen are not updated with market trends and global needs, and also international trading between countries, despite their high quality hereditary craftsmanship.

We try to open new windows and doors of opportunity to help them achieve their golden age again, and allow them to receive higher income.  Furthermore, 10% of our profit will be donated to orphans, so by buying our products You helped to prosper them as well.

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY of Our Handmade Leather Bags and Organizer

Nowadays, almost every people couldn’t be separated from the technology device (gadget) such as smartphone, tablet/ipad and also laptop. If gadget become primary needs, secondary needs will be gadget carrier/case: wallet, pouch and bag.

Many creative workers such as content creator/vlogger, designer, sketcher, digital nomad can do their job everywhere, even though they are in the mountain and travelling they should have something to carry technical device with easily grab it and keep it organized.

Unlike common bag/pouch which rarely designed for gadget organizing and everything is just put inside like a mess. Our founder thinks with precision like an engineer, and design our product specifically based on gadget dimension and other needs with vintage look.

We use cowhide material and none of plastic leather or synthetic leather are used. Most of our product are more raw and rugged, we give experience to the customer to having a leather goods as a journey, will age beautifully, even longer even more beautiful by its Patina. Surely, this reason is essential of having authentic leather product.  

walklo leather bear backpack organizer


The Founder spent for about 1.5 years on product research of materials, construction, and sample testing

The process of sampling one product is done approximately two to three months by testing samples, and used it daily until the best designs are found, as a small enterprise, We need several months to find best design due to capital capacity.

Even though we are small enterprise with small capital, We give lifetime warranty because We understand that customer spend much time and energy to find what They  need and They want, We stand behind our product for all complaint to solve the problem. Also it will give positive impact to our professionalism.


The cowhide we used is 90% local Indonesian cowhide leather (Javanese). Most of the Indonesian cattle are used to plow the fields so they grew stronger than cattle that are always in cages. Cow leather material from Indonesia is exported to various countries in the world.

We really concern about environmental issues, that’s why we use 90% vegetable tanned and semi vegetable tanned leather. With natural tanning methods, and minimizing the use of chrome means that we contribute to protect and prevent environment damage from chemical content.

The tanning is processed by KASIN Leather that is the oldest and finest vegetable tannery in Indonesia, the tanning was carried out in the city of Malang, also Yogyakarta by ATK (Leather Technology Academy), and by local tannery in Magetan Indonesia.

We don’t apply much treatment on the leather and keep it naturally. As leather ages, rather than wearing out, it burnishes and beautifies, developing a much sought-after patina and unique character that cannot be easily duplicated. Truly, the more you use it, the better it looks and feels.

Patina:   The aura or luster that develops in a quality piece of leather with age.

Patch is not a flaws, but it is a unique character of natural finishes. Because even if it comes from the same cow, the texture will not be the same from inch to inch. We do not use skin that is simply painted on the surface, because then there is no difference between PU leather (synthetic leather) and Leather. To having a leather goods is a journey, will age beautifully, even longer even more beautiful.


Buckle, snap hook, ring, rind D/half ring and rectangle, handcrafted by a local crafter using recycle solid brass in Kotagede (Silver City), Yogyakarta, the largest center of local metal and silver handicrafts in Indonesia that has been handed down for hundreds of years.

We only use Japan YKK brand for zipper that well known as strongest and most durable zipper.


Production work is done in the city of Yogyakarta, known as artisan land where the best craftsman are, and their crafting skills has been inherited from generation to generation. We pay them higher than average wages for their outstanding skills.

About 65% of our products, is made with hand-stitch method is also known to be very strong and durable.



Intan Al Azhar (AL) has educational background in Civil Engineering and Master Degree in Urban & Real Estate Development. He has been working in Construction Company for about 10 years. Free hand sketch, outdoor, hiking, camping, and photography are his hobbies.

He was falling in love with his first leather good, he learned and knew “Patina” that makes him felt that leather is not  just about the function of the goods it self, but more important is the process of caring the leather day by day to get unique character.

By that time, that reason inspired to solve his own problem with his daily carry and to break common design that usually bag designer doesn’t think exactly what is inside of the bag, so that makes the bag user to put anything like a mess, Al makes all of thing inside well organized. He learn leather crafting continuously to understand all about craftsmanship. His background and new passion makes him really confident to run a business.