We stand behind the product We made, the warranty is to keep Walklo product functional through the years. The product lifetime specifically refers to the time at which, through normal use, the product can no longer function in its intended purpose. After years of usage, you may see a bit of fraying at the cuff and sleeves or notch you always use may stretch. Once you’ve put enough miles on an item it may also show some scuffs, discoloration, or minor shrinkage. This isn’t a failure of materials or workmanship; it is simply the natural course of any well-built product.

Lifetime means after years of normal and intended uses at which point it is worn out beyond reasonable repair, then we hope you will consider to buy the replacement with trade in program and get 40% off.

This warranty covers

  1. Solid brass and zipper defect
  2. Failure of craftsmanship

The warranty doesn’t covers

  1. Tears
  2. Liner material stains (chemical damage)
  3. Natural aging of the leather (scratch, patina, natural softening)
  4. Misused/mistreatment (extreme use, fluctuation in fit, abuse the product, neglect the product)

Some of basic treatment guidance in order to maintain the health of Walklo product throughout their life:

  1. Store your bag in a cool, ventilated area away from sunlight or flourescent lighting.
  2. Using small amount of leather balm and rubbing it vigorously whenever there is sign of dryness also to remove  scratches, it may looks darken temporarily.
  3. Don’t put vegetable tanned/vacchetta letaher together with oily leather type.

Before send the product to be repaired, please send the photograph and attach warranty card via email: [email protected], our team will review first whether the case is covered or not by our warranty.