Where Is Your Workshop Located?

The Workshop is located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Do You Have Any Offline Store?

Not yet, but people can come to our office to see the product, we have a plan to open physical store in Bali and Lombok by the end of 2021

Are Your Items Ready Stock?

Some of the items are ready, and not of all products are ready, since we are small home industry with limited capital at this time. You can check availability in product page

Will I Get Items looks 100% Same With Item Photograph In Website?

The color of product photograph may slightly different, also it will depending on your screen resolution, color setting and other factors. Every hide has their own authenticity because even if it comes from the same cow, the texture will not be the same from inch to inch and patch is not a flaws, but it is a unique character of natural finishes

Will My Information and Payment Details Be Shared With Any Third Parties?

No, we don’t share Your data to any other parties and kept strictly confidential. This website uses a PositiveSSL certificate (US Patent Number 7,603,699) to secure online transactions for customers, any data you submit to this website over a https connection will be securely encrypted with the strongest available algorithms. 

Do You Provide Monogramming Product?

Not Yet. But we have a plan to provide it in the future.

How Do I Can Track My Order?

We will send shipping details and tracking after shipped out your order

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us