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walklo handmade leather backpack for traveling
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walklo leather - wallet, organizer, and bag for traveling
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walklo handmade leather backpack



Some company looking for cheap labor and materials in 3rd world country, but some of them unfortunately doesn’t consider labor prosperity, healthy, and environment impacted by chemical waste of tanning process,

For us, running the company is not just how to get money, but more than that, we should be meaningful and useful to the labor and environment, so that we give wages above the average, and using vegetable tanned and semi vegetable tanned leather which is not endanger the environment but it cost higher due to the longer process. We always keep the balance between wages, materials and product price.

  1. 1. Rare & original design (best practicality), not just take cheap bulk common bag then re-branding
  2. 2. Our bag with organizer need extra material for nomad bag about 30%-40% than common similar bag
  3. 3. We don’t use buffalo leather because cow hide leather more suitable for our design in term of texture, pores, and finishes that the price is higher compared to buffalo leather
  4. 4. 10% profit will be donated to the orphans
  5. 5. We use brass hardware and copper rivet for durability rather than cheap common hardware. More about us

Leather Rider Wallet is suitable for mobile activity, We need compact wallet that can hold smartphone, credit cards, it will be more handy, and don't need to open the bag oftenly

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Many times we only need some essential stuff such as technology devices and stationary for meeting, or just meet up friends in cafe, this bag help you keep everything organized on the go

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This 27 liter bag is the perfect one to accompany your 2-3 days adventure, hiking, camping, travelling. When we wear this backpack, we don’t need additional clutch, pouch, or organizer.


When we use this bag, we don't need to bring any additional pouch/clutch, our technology device will be neatly organized and safe from scratch. this vintage leather style will make you get a lot of compliment

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Nomad Organizer for Mini iPad, this product is designed for creator/designer/architect/sketcher and also for general uses, very compact design make it more handy to carry any designer stuff


Handmade Leather Backpack for Traveling

Bear Roll Top – Leather Travel Backpack With Organizer


This 30 liter bag is the perfect one to accompany your 2-3 days adventure, hiking, camping, travelling. When we wear this backpack, we don't need additional clutch, pouch, or organizer.


Passport Holder/ A6 Journal Cover, Hand-stitch

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This rugged bag designed for creators: architect, designer, graphic designer, sketcher, content creator, all of stuff organized neatly, it will save your day