Leather Satchel Vs Messenger Bag: Formal or Casual?

Leather Satchel Vs Messenger Bag: Formal or Casual?

Origin of Leather Satchel

The leather satchel has been around for centuries as a means of carrying things  – it even showed up in Roman times under the name of Loculus which literally means ‘little place’ in Latin. Used by Roman Legionaries, these satchels would probably have been used to carry rations and personal belongings.

A bag for carrying stuff is one thing, but the leather satchel only really came into the fashion limelight in the 17th century when it became a popular accessory. The satchel has long been associated with scholarly pursuits; its shape is specifically adapted for carrying books, which were a much more precious commodity in the past than they are today. Scottish monks, around 300 AD used satchels to carry their handwritten Bibles,  and Shakespeare spoke of: ‘the whining schoolboy with his satchel, creeping unwillingly to school.

Difference Between Leather Satchel and Messenger Bag

Three key features of a messenger bag

  • Cross-Body Strap

Messenger bags have a cross-body strap and are designed to be worn against the lower back. Theycan then be easily pulled to the side or front to access the contents. This makes them an ideal bag for walking or riding a bike. The bag hugs the back, hanging diagonally from shoulder to hip, thus allowing complete freedom of movement.

  • Body Scale and Materials

Messenger bags are usually wider than they are tall. Satchels are made from leather, and are softer and thinner than a briefcase to allow the satchel to adjust to the form of the body. Traditionally, Messenger bags are made from a lightweight waterproof material such as waxed canvas.

  • Closure

Messenger bags are designed for delivering important documents, so a messenger bag will have a means of closing securely in order to protect its contents. Buckles, clasps, and zippers are commonly used and can easily add as much style to a messenger bag as function.

  • Style and Function

Both of these types of bags are used by men and women, and messenger bag seem to be casually substituted for briefcases nowadays. They are common to see in a more formal setting like a business meeting. The satchel has a slightly more quirky and nostalgic image, often accentuated in contemporary designs by the use of brightly colored leather.

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