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Leather is remarkable durable material, leather shoes are likely to get dirtier than another leather products.  Leather exposed to very wet, dry or dirt conditions will need more cleaning than rarely used, however leather are not intend to be used in raining or wet continuously. The leather also can get some crack or peel, in order to derive leather in its best condition, need to clean and care.

All You Need to Know About The Duffel Bag

All You Need to Know About The Duffel Bag What Is Duffel Bag? In UK it is a tube-shaped cloth bag with a circular bottom and a thick string at the top that is used to close it and carry it, but in US it is a long bag used for carrying clothes, etc. when you are travelling Duffel Bag or Duffle Bag? Both spelling are correct and still in use, in England (UK-English) duffle is […]