All You Need to Know About The Duffel Bag

All You Need to Know About The Duffel Bag

What Is Duffel Bag?

The definition of the duffel bag in the UK is a tube-shaped cloth bag with a circular bottom and a thick string at the top that is used to close and carry it. In the US, however, it is a long bag used for carrying clothes and other necessities while traveling.

Duffel Bag or Duffle Bag?

Both spellings are correct and still in use. In England (UK-English), “duffle” is correct, and in America (US-English), “duffel” is correct.  Duffel has been the preferred spelling since World War II.

Duffle Bag Origin and Why Is It Called A Duffle Bag?

Most sources noted that the duffel bag comes from a town in Belgium, near Antwerp. The first duffel bag was made with thick woolen cloth. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word for “duffel bag” dates back to 1649, where it was used to describe ‘a coarse woolen cloth having a thick nap or frieze’. The earliest reference of the word specifically referring to a duffel bag is 1768.

Are duffel bags practical?

If you need bigger bag than backpack, this bag is designed to use as a carry-on similar to a  backpack. It has enough room for clothing plus extra pockets for your other small items . This bag also can accommodate all those last minute items or holiday purchases while traveling. This duffel bag is a great travel companion, easy to carry and quick to pack.

Leather Duffel Bag

You can check our duffel bag collection here. We have great designs for business trips with additional detachable zipped pouches for your technology devices. When the duffel has to be  checked for your flight, you can still carry your tech devices with you in their pouch. A duffel bag with vegetable tanned leather is the perfect combination. It is not only durable and versatile but also stylish and timeless. Moreover with heirloom quality, you’ll be able to pass it down to the next generation.

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