How To Care For Leather

How To Care For Leather: The Best Leather Conditioner

Why Should We Clean Leather?

For a newbie in leather, there are so many questions about fake or real leather, types of leather, and how to care for leather. Leather is a remarkably durable material, but there are many rules to leather. For example, Leather shoes are likely to get dirtier than other leather products.  Leather exposed to very wet, dry or dirty conditions will need more cleaning than leather that is rarely used. Leather is not intended to be used in the rain or wet conditions continuously. Leather can also get cracked or begin peeling. In order to keep leather in its best condition, you will need to clean and care for it.

Know Your Leather: The Types of Leather

Before buying or applying leather conditioner, you should know what type of the leather you have. Suede and unfinished leather are not covered in protective coating, while finished leather is covered in a protective coating. A little bit of saddle soap is fine to clean a finished leather couch, but for most sensitive leathers, even mild soap can be too harsh. If you’re not sure how your leather will react to cleaning, test in an unobtrusive area first before applying any kind of conditioner or cleaner.

How To Clean and Use Leather Conditioner

To clean leather, we can use available leather cleaner or moisturizing soap that is appropriate for the type of leather. A good leather conditioner will not only add a protective coating to your leather to prevent stains and even cracks, but it also gives the material a subtle shine. Keep in mind to always test a new product in an unobtrusive area first before applying it. Use a  microfiber cloth or a soft damp cloth, and rub the entire section with a circular motion. Allow it to dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight. Sometimes you can use a steam cleaner to remove germs and dirt but it is not good for removing stains.

Why Use Conditioner to Care For Leather

When leather dries out, the leather’s loss of natural oils and grease allows dirt and dust to fill and get trapped in the pores. Leather conditioner replaces the lost natural oils and can help keep leather protected by lubricating fibers and reducing friction. The conditioner also helps to protect from stains and enhance the patina.

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